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$1.5 Million Worth of Auto Donations Roll into America’s Car Museum

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 02-14-2013


Ridler Award-winning Ferrambo and 1964 Buick Wildcat prototype are the most recent additions to ACM’s growing collection

TACOMA, Wash. ) – What do you give a car museum that seemingly has everything?  How about two super rare cars you won’t find anywhere else?  That’s exactly what happened today as LeMay – America’s Car Museum (ACM), in Tacoma, Wash., announced it added two new donations – a 1964 Buick Wildcat prototype and the Ridler Award-winning hot rod Ferrambo – to its collection of more than 300 cars trucks and motorcycles. 

The custom-made Ferrari Red Ferrambo, donated by Mike Warn of Pacific Northwest-based Warn Industries, is part 1960 Rambler and part Ferrari (hence the name Ferrambo).  Warn said he wanted to create a car that combined American engineering and strength with European style and performance.  In 2008, Warn’s brainchild, which took him more than two years to construct, captured the prestigious Ridler Award at Detroit’s Autorama, driving the car’s estimated value to $750,000.

riddler winner rambler wtih ferrari motor


The keys to the 1964 Buick Wildcat prototype were handed to ACM President and CEO David Madeira by museum member Paul Ianuario.  General Motors designed the Wildcat to complement the Corvette, but the fiberglass-bodied performance car never went into production – making Ianuario’s prototype extremely rare.  With a 401 Nailhead V8 hot rod motor and only 3,893 miles, the Wildcat is also valued at three quarters of a million dollars.

“The Ferrambo and the Wildcat are perfectly suited for display in America’s Car Museum,” said Madeira.  “High-level car donations of this sort have been – and will continue to be – a vital component of our growth in national prominence.  We’re ecstatic to add these two vehicles to our ever-expanding collection and I thank Paul and Mike for their generosity.”

Madeira added that ACM has received more than $2 million worth of vehicle donations in the past year and that visitors can check them out seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  “Our collection is never static,” said Madeira.  “It’s constantly changing and evolving, which gives families and car enthusiasts a reason to come back.”

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State Farm Presents LeMay – America’s Car Museum, which opened June 2, 2012 in downtown Tacoma, Wash., explores how the automobile has fulfilled a distinctive role at the core of the American experience and shaped our society. The spacious Museum with rotating exhibits is designed to be the centerpiece for automotive history as well as an educational center and library. The campus, located adjacent to the Tacoma Dome, also contains a 3.5-acre show field, theatre, café, banquet hall and meeting facilities. To get information on museum hours, becoming an ACM member, volunteer opportunities or to make a donation, visit


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