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Air Suspension and 12v Compressors

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 01-31-2013


Viair 380 compressor air zenith 0b2 compressor


Hi, I am Ginger Babb at  I am going to start writing some articles tell you about our products, I am going to continually write in this blog about our current products and our latest new products. 

Today we are going to talk about Air Suspension and 12volt Air Compressors.  Air Compressors are an important part of our industry.  I speak to people every day on what compressors they like and what they don’t like.  I carry a few compressors and have knowledge of a lot of compressors... compressors are kind of like Hamburgers, everyone has their favorite, with no real reason one is better than the other.  (If you’re a vegetarian, then it might be how you prepare your carrots, you get where I’m going with this.)

I personally like Viair Compressors and Air Zenith compressors, on my car I use the Viair and on my husband’s truck we’ve used Air Zenith and Viair compressors.  They perform well, both are great and both have seemed to withstand what we’ve asked them too. 

Which in my car, they have to be able to compete with bicycles, groceries, and anything else you would think to put in the trunk.  I have a car with limited space, and I’ve minimized the amount of room it takes to have a tank and compressor in my trunk and still be able to cart all my junk around.  They have to work when I am in a hurry and don’t warm my car up when it is 30 degrees out, they have to continue to work when my kid decides its’ time to show his buddies how the suspension works, they’ve never failed me.  My first compressor was the Viair 380c and I had it on my car for 4 years with no problems and it is now on a friends’ truck for his air horn and still working 6 years later.  I have a newer Viair 380c, because I was testing out a new compressor for a couple of years, it was good, but has never came to market and it didn’t seem to withstand my daily needs.  (IE. It stopped working and I needed reliability.)

The Air Zenith works great to, it even pumps faster if you are looking to only have one compressor.  It seems to fill the tank quickly and reliably.  We use it for a load leveling kit on the truck we have it on and for the air horn.  It seems to work well in adverse conditions it is mounted upside down under the bed of the truck and has never given us problems

So that’s it for now, just wanted to let you know about of couple compressors we carry and my opinion of them.  If you have questions about any other 12 volt air suspension compressors or the two I mentioned above just give me a call 317-856-1810 or live assistance at