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Eastwood announces it is the exclusive distributor of New Fairmount Hammers and Dollies

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 02-14-2013



The Eastwood Company today announced that it is the exclusive distributor of Fairmount Hammer and Dolly sets for metal-shaping and auto body professionals and DIY-hobbyists.  Fairmount Body Hammers are designed for precision metal-shaping as performed by skilled craftsman for more than 100 years.  With a rich heritage of quality and innovation, these tools continue that tradition.

Fairmount Hammers and Dollies are all constructed from the highest quality raw materials to ensure lasting durability.  Each tool is designed with the proper contour, balance and head configuration needed by professional metal-shapers. The hammers are available with fiberglass or genuine hickory handles, and feature heat-treated, hand-ground and polished heads.

Eastwood offers 17 different Fairmount hammers and dollies, available individually or in kit form.  Included in the line are an anvil dolly and dome dolly, not commonly found in other sets.  Eastwood's Research and Development Team tested these new body shaping tools in-house, on real-life projects, to ensure the balance, feel and quality," said John "JR" Robinson, Eastwood Product Manager. These are hammers and dollies that you will have in your tool box for years to come.

As the exclusive distributor of Fairmount Hammers and Dollies, Eastwood is proud to offer tools that metal-shapers can depend on, at an economical price. 


The Eastwood Company markets unique tools and supplies for repair, restoration, and modification of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Founded in 1978, Eastwood constantly strives to develop new products to serve the home automotive hobbyist, as well as individuals and organizations focused on the restoration and preservation of automobiles and motorcycles.