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Pretty Poison Bikini Model

Pretty Poison

Month: March

Year: 2012

Height: 5' 0

Weight: 100

Hair Color: Black/Pink

Eye Color: Brown

Marital Status:





Too many!


Even More!


Yes I have modeled before for, Rock Rebel, Scene Magazine...just to name a few!


Not yet! but everything I do can be seen at

Car Shows:

Yes! I love cars. My first was an 86 camaro build, so I go to shows often.

Favorite part of shows:

Seeing the time and effort that has been put into making a car custom and im a fan of anything fast!

Must attend show:

Every year I go to Dropt and Destroyed and NORGER Auto show in Cleveland.

What do you do when you're not modeling?:

Usually working my desk job or at the gym working out.

Worst Habit:

Not sure

Favorite Food:


Favorite Music:


Prized Possession:

My lunch box collection! I've got The Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider and the A-Team in there

Four words to describe yourself:


What do you enjoy about modeling?:

Meeting new people and having the opportunity to travel

Four words to describe yourself:


Dream Ride:

It used to be a 57 Chevy Bel-air, now I would take a CTX wagon.

What do you look for in a man?:

I'm not looking.

What makes your motor rev?:

Guys who know how to build a car.

What makes you put on your brakes?:

What doesn't! Lol

What is your perfect date?:

Sushi dinner and then shopping.

What is the most romantic thing a man has done for you?:

Buying me diamonds "just because."

Best advice:

No idea. I'm usually the one giving it.

Future plans:

Hopefully moving back to CLE soon

10 year plan:

Hopefully doing the same! Modeling and acting.