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Iconic Muscle Cars - American History

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 08-01-2016

Iconic muscle cars of America are the ultimate expression of asphalt fantasies. Germany might go for extreme engineering while Italy goes for design elements. But for the American muscle car manufacturer, raw power is what matters (or at least it did in the past). To provide an overview of the most iconic American muscle cars that have left a solid tire track record behind, we have compiled this list for your convenience.

1. AMC Javelin

The first generation of the AMC Javelin models appeared in 1968 as two-door rides. They won several titles in the 70s, with the second generation known as the AMX being the first pony car to be used in highway patrols. You’d probably picture the cop and bad driver movies, except for some real prison time or a ticket charge as a reward.

1968 AMC Javelin base model


By GaugeMagazine
Posted 03-14-2016

DAYTON, Ohio - Forgeline Motorsports knows a thing or four about all-out performance. It's with this same single-minded focus that the team at Forgeline has decided to build their own pro-touring style 1970 Camaro. "We've been dreaming about building our own world class, pro-touring machine for several years," says Dave Schardt, President of Forgeline Motorsports. "We're a long-time supporter of this segment of the performance aftermarket and have been the wheel of choice for many of the builders and the cars that have made these pro touring events so popular. But now, this year, it's our turn to participate."

A quick tour of the paddock at any pro touring event is literally a rolling catalog of Forgeline's expertise in fabricating custom wheels that can stand up to the rigors of autocross, speed/stop and timed lap competitions, all while looking like forged and machined aluminum works of art. So it really should be no surprise that Forgeline Motorsports' '70 Camaro will be constructed using components from top-of-their segment manufacturers.
The foundation of any pro-touring machine is the suspension. For the Forgeline '70 Camaro, a Detroit Speed hydroformed subframe along with tubular upper an

The cars of America's most notorious gangsters

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 03-02-2016

When discussing America’s historic gangsters and mobsters, the first topic that readily comes to mind is their choice of guns - naturally, it doesn’t get much more iconic than the popular Tommy Gun. With that dealt with, a close follow-up to the gun fascination of our nation’s gangsters is their choice of cars. This obsession could be put down to t

Spring Break Nationals / turns 30 in 2016

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 12-14-2015


Daytona Beach, FL - The mobile electronics event that kicks off the spring car audio selling season is on its way to celebrate its 30th year. On March 19 - 20, 2016, SBN EXPO Group will produce its annual event at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach Florida. “We’re thrilled to reach this milestone of the event that has served the industry for so long”, says event founder Paul Papadeas. “Every year, we offer Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers the opportunity to come together at this industry institution to network, sharing information, training and consumer exposure. Our industry has changed over the years; we’ve modified and adapted the event to the contemporary

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association Announces 2016 Event Schedule

By Matt Mason
Posted 10-23-2015

Goood Guys logo

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association Announces 2016 Event Schedule
(Pleasanton, CA) The Goodguys 2016 event schedule is official! Twenty electric events spanning the country are on tap for the 2016 event season highlighted by the BIGGIE – the Goodguys 19th PPG Nationals, July 10-12 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus. The East Coast Nationals returns to its original home - the scenic Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, New York, June 10-12. The 5th Nostalgia Nationals at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky will be held October 14-16 moving it deeper into the fall as it was from 2007-2010. The Goodguys West Coast Nationals celebrates its 30th birthday in Pleasanton, August 26-28. Another big cha

June 2011 Gauge Girl Christy Mack Beaten by MMA Boyfriend

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 08-11-2015

We just recieved news this morning that June 2011 gauge girl Christy Mack (now professional porn star) was bruetly beaten by her MMA boyfriend War Machine On Friday  8-8-14.  Leaving Christy hospitalized.  

christy mack beatten by war machine


By GaugeMagazine
Posted 07-30-2015

F450 Air Suspension F450 Air Suspension Rear Kit

LANSING, Mich. - With a best-in-class maximum 31,200-pound tow rating, the big and burly 2015 Ford F-450 Super Duty is built to tackle the toughest non-commercial towing duties, from fifth wheel campers to large livestock and boat trailers. Now, to increase towing safety and ride comfort for this serious workhorse truck, the air suspens

Street Rod, Street Machine of the Year 2015

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 07-21-2015

Street Machine and Hot rod of the year

(Columbus, OH) -The bar has been raised again. Significantly in fact. The competition for Goodguys 2015 Classic Instruments Street Rod of the Year and Goodguys 2015 Optima Batteries Street Machine of the year reached a thunderous crescendo Saturday night at the 18th PPG Nationals in Columbus.

A new wrinkle this year included placing ALL eligible cars in each category inside the Celeste Center – host site for the award ceremony. The top 5 finalists in both divisions we

2015 Unified Car Audio Championship Location

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 07-21-2015

huntsville AL unified Car Audio Championship 2015

Car Audio Competition organizations dBDRA (dB Drag Racing Association), MECA (Mobile Electronics Competition Association) and IASCA (International Autosound Challenge Association) are once again joining forces to produce a unified finals event. The event will be held at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL, during the weekend of October 17-18, 2015. This event will include all competitors from SQ to SPL and will allow for the opportunity to compete in multiple formats

XS Power Lithium Battery Line!

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 07-13-2015

XS Power Lithium Battery
Benefiting from nearly 8 years of experience, and years of extensive engineering research, high quality, professionally constructed XS Power ba