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Mars UFO built from Geo Metro

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 01-23-2015

Local Indianapolis Car Buff Steve Anderson builds a UFO our of GEO Metro. Check this video out! Super Creative and very unique. 

UFO Car invades Indianapolis

SEMA Pre Party Award Cutting

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 10-31-2014

SEMA Las Vegas Kick off party 2014

Check out this video of the Gauge Magazine Award for SEMA Kick off party being CNC machined!  

Jet Truck Flame throwing in Downtown Detroit.

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 08-04-2014

Downtown detroit Flame Throwing Semi

Camp N Drag 2014 Video

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 07-24-2014

Check out the madness of Camp N Drag 2014 right here in this teaser video produced by 45 Productions. 

Camp N Drag 2014

Slamology 2014 Video Overview from Sonic Electronix

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 07-16-2014

Slamology video 2014

Team Sundown Audio spotlight from Slamology 2014

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 06-25-2014

Interview with Sundown Audio Team Member Hank VeachTeam Sundown Hank Veach Slamology

RV and House Boat in One

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 06-18-2014

RV and Boat in one

Best Hair Trick Video at Slamology 2014

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 06-17-2014

Hair Trick Hot girl

Extremely Loud Car Audio at Slamology 2013

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 06-10-2014

Guy Throws Rock at Lamborghini for speeding in neighborhood

By GaugeMagazine
Posted 06-02-2014

Guy throws rock at lamborghini